Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Store:

  • Q: Is East Cobb Hardware open on Sundays?
    A: Yes. We are.
  • Q: Does East Cobb Hardware operate with accommodating hours for a person with a normal 9-5 to be able to come in and shop?
    A: Yes. We do. We are open til 7:00 PM on Weekdays and 6:00 PM on the Weekends.
  • Q: Does East Cobb Hardware offer glass cutting services?
    A: We do offer glass cutting services, including single pain glass cutting for windows and picture frames. Be sure to check our rates against leading competitors in the area as we feel you will not be disappointed.
    **NOTE: We do not cut glass for mirrors or load bearing glass. 


Questions About the Popular Product Line, Stihl:

  • Q: How does Stihl compare to other leading brands?
    A: Stihl is a top choice among most landscapers in our area. This is because Stihl products are designed with extended use in mind. In addition to making commercial grade products, Stihl proudly makes top of the line homeowner products as well.
  • Q: What type of chainsaw do I need?
    A: The answer to this question depends on your need. We have qualified experts in store to help you with making these decisions. They will match you with the product you need, and will take every effort to not over, nor under sell for your needs.
  • Q: What is the advantage to choosing East Cobb Hardware as my Stihl dealer?
    A: East Cobb Hardware has in house service and trained staff to help you specifically with your Stihl needs. Come in and talk with our very own Stihl Tech who has the experience to troubleshoot problems with equipment, help you select equipment, and help you with warranty claims. Our hourly rates for Stihl repairs are very low for the area.
  • General Advice for using Stihl Products:
    • Do not use 87 octane gas. Use 89 octane or higher, as it will combust cooler and will help prevent long term engine tear.
    • Unless you use Stihl premixed engineer fluid, do not leave pump gas and oil mix in tank, as it causes problems with the carburetor, even when using ethanol free fuel.
    • When using your chainsaw, DO NOT CUT WITH A DULL CHAIN. If you feel like you are having to use any physical force, it is time for a chain replacement, or possibly even a chainsaw replacement, as continued use can cause damage to the unit, not to mention be DANGEROUS AND POTENTIALLY DEADLY FOR THE OPERATOR. Before using that dull chain, bring it into our store as we can sharpen chains.


Questions About Grilling and our Grilling Products:

Big Green Egg:

  • Q: Does the XL Big Green Egg use more charcoal than the Large Big Green Egg?
    A: No, it does not. They are designed differently, with the large being deeper than the shallower extra large.
  • Q: Do I use lighter fluid in my Big Green Egg?
    A: NO! Big Green Egg uses lump charcoal, with which we have my different varieties available in our store.The flame can be started using either the EGGniter, starter bricks, or an electric starter, all of which are carried in our store.
  • Q: Does the Big Green Egg carry a warranty?
    A: Yes. It carries a warranty on the internal ceramic parts. Reach out to us for details on your Big Green Egg Warranty. We can handle any Big Green Egg warranty claim.



  • Q: Do Traiger grills carry a warranty?
    A: Yes. They carry a 3 year warranty. Contact Traiger for claims. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.
  • Q: Is the WiFi control on Traiger grills standard on all units or is it optional?
    A: On some units, it is standard, and on others, it is optional.



  • Q: Do Weber grills carry a warranty
    A: Yes. Weber grills carry a 10 year warranty. For more information, contact Weber Customer Service.
  • Q: Does East Cobb Hardware carry Weber Replacement Parts?
    A: Yes, we do; however, some parts may not still be available. Check with our expert team and we will let you know what parts are and what parts are not available. Please make sure you check with us, as you might be surprised


General Grilling Questions

  • Q: Do you carry accessories for all of your grills?
    A: Not only do we carry accessories for all of our grills, we carry many of these accessories in store, and have an even larger selection available online.
  • Q: Which size or type of grill, be it a Big Green Egg, Traiger, or Weber, is best for my use?
    A: It all depends on your use. Come in and speak with us and we will help find the right grill for you.
  • Q: Do you deliver your grills?
    A: Yes. We will deliver your grill to your garage door, assembled at no charge.


Handyman Questions:

  • Q: Can you tell me what kind of pipe fittings I need?
    A: Yes. Come in and ask our expert team.
  • Q: Can you color match your paint?
    A: Yes, we can color match. Our expert team will help advise you on your color matching needs.
  • Q: Do you carry Benjamin Moore Paints, Cabot Stain?
    A: Yes. Our store strives to present quality, and the quality of Benjamin Moore Paints has been speaking for itself since 1883.
  • Q: Do you carry a good selection of Nuts and Bolts?
    A: Definitely. Our selection is perhaps one of the most diverse selections available to any hardware store in the greater Atlanta area.
  • Q: Can you identify my strange little widget?
    A: Very possibly. We have an expert team with many collective years of experience that will help prove as a good starting point for finding the answer to the most puzzling of conundrums.