Slate Chips, Mini

Unit of Measure: Ton (T)

Mini Slate Chips range in size from 1/4-1″, dark gray in color

Coverage for this product is about 100 sq/ft with a 2″ depth per ton.


Decorative landscaping slate chips are fantastic for any patios, drives and walkways.  This product also offers a top layer to planted areas, flower beds, boxes, and atriums. Slate chips provide protection to planted areas by helping reduce surface evaporation and increasing moisture retention.  The slate chips are ideal both for commercial and residential home applications, as they provide “mulch” layer and are resistance to wind.  They are long lasting, economical and will not deteriorate.  Slate Chips are easy to handle are clean, and do not attract bugs or insects.

Sold by the ton.

The coverage for this product is approximately 100 sq/ ft at a depth of 2” per ton.

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